Graphic Design And Video Editing

Digital Assistance is a well know graphic design and video editing company that is working for the last 4 years in the field and we help many business to create a unique identity in online and offline market.

Any company’s most important thing is, its value and we know that this show by logo and if the logo is not unique then you can able to create a space in the eye of your customer. The logo design is done by a graphic designer and you can see lots of tools on the online platform that creating the logo but I like to tell that an AI machine is not as intelligent as the Human mind.

Before creating a logo, we need to consider every point that makes a logo not forgettable and the logo can be used on every type of marketing like in the App, website, broachers, etc.

Content is the king, everyone knows about it but do you know video content is watched more than any other content and people like that type of video which well formatted.


Why choose to us for the service

  • When you hire us for the service, our first priority is listen the customer needs.
  • Our expert team in the field (Graphic design and video editing) work personally in all the steps from the creating a strategy to the execution of that.
  •  At the time creation, we look on every point like adding graphic in the video so that video appeal more and also do some necessary changes if required in the raw item to make the result in a better way.
  • We always consider our quality work, therefore, after completing our work recheck every points. Our motto is to complete the work in the given without compromising the quality.
  • In the editing, we use different type of tool and we ensure that our tool will be top level & updated so that we can deliver quality service from our side.
  • Our service is affordable like you can ask about to our customer like we charge fee on the work only and the calculation of money is depend on the work and requirement, you can say it is cost effective pricing.
  • In the security perspective, we never share any information or stats to anyone and our editor use File transfer protocol while uploading or downloading any data.