What is SMO?

Social media optimization (SMO) is a process through which people's awareness about a product, brand, or event is raised. It is a part of internet marketing. Online media advancement includes two fundamental advances.

1. The first step is to create shareable content.

2. And the second step is to use social sharing tools or platforms so that more people can connect and share it.

Why use SMO?

We use SMO for getting more Traffics, Website's visibility, Free Advertisement, Clients satisfaction, Communication channel, Sharing quick updates, and Popularity.

How to start with SMO?

Guests of online media sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit are individuals who are in a brisk pursuit of information and they don't remain long. The best way to stop them on your site and diminish your Bounce Rate is to give them what they need. 

Keep them moving inside the site utilizing Related Post and Internal Linking. The three significant components that will form the premise of social media optimization are -

  1. Content:- If your content is not targeting the entire blog world irrespective of country, caste, and religion, do not target social media. Social media verification articles should be founded on legitimate research and appropriate information. Individuals won't trust you except if you are a top-class VIP or blogger.
  2. Content Navigation:- Articles with pictures, data, and statistics do best with a social media website. If you write an article, make sure you break it into a proper category so that the reader can navigate the article easily.

3. Website Design: - Blog or website design plays a major role to reduce your bounce rate and then to get more votes on these websites. On the off chance that the plan of your blog is irritative, at that point it will be a straight down vote. The simplicity of route and fewer commercials are constantly favoured by online media crawlers. You can keep the white or light blue background on your website.